The Guide to Choosing the Right Commercial Laundry Trolley

Red plastic tub trolley in commercial laundry facility

For industries with commercial laundry requirements, a commercial laundry trolley is invaluable for streamlining laundry operations. A laundry trolley plays a key role in hospitality, healthcare and industrial environments helping to decrease the workload for staff. With a streamlined laundry process, it may help your organisation improve efficiency and enhance workplace safety. To pick the […]

Streamlining Laundry Operations in Hospitals: The Impact of Hospital Laundry Trolleys 

Sorting Laundry in Hospitals

Laundry Operations are a critical component in creating a safer, hygienic and more efficient healthcare environment. With an effective laundry operations system, the benefits include:  Better infection control practices Increased patient care and comfort Fewer safety hazards Improved productivity within laundry operations and Better inventory management Within laundry operations, a hospital laundry trolley plays a […]