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Six Different Types of Trolleys to Consider When Picking the Ideal One of Your Choice

Employees loading packages on delivery trolley in the dispatch centre

It makes more sense to choose the right high-quality trolley that caters to almost any need, and for any working environment rather than trying to force your operations to accommodate your manual handling equipment. Let’s examine the different styles and variations of trolleys that meet your specification requirements. 1- Hand trolleys for industry One of […]

How To Improve Material Handling Safety and Productivity

shelf linen trolley and linens stored in linen closet

In Australia, workplace injuries and related illnesses cost the economy $57.5 billion dollars a year – a huge number that accounts for almost six per cent of GDP. Workplace injuries are of course, nothing new, and there are OHS laws that help prevent workplace injuries and minimise its impact on productivity. Workplace injuries are a […]