Looking for a trolley that suits your needs? We can customise the right trolley for you. Find out more

Advance Trolleys provides medical trolleys in Australia built to withstand the tough conditions of hospitals, clinics and even the most demanding of medical practices. With years of experience in providing trusted products and accessories with excellent customer service, we’re a reliable, safe choice for your medical trolley. We design our medical trolleys to last with the highest quality stainless steel and materials being used. The healthcare industry is demanding and you need the right equipment and storage solutions, with easy transportation and maintenance, prioritising safe hygiene practices. Our range of stainless steel medical trolleys is perfect for any Australian practice and is adaptable across a wide variety of needs and price ranges. Key features of our trolleys include medical trolleys with drawers, braked wheels, IV holders, examination tools, instrument transportation, and storage. Whether you’re after a quote for one of our trolleys, looking for something custom, or want to learn more about some of our products, give our team a call and we will assist you.

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