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Introducing the Electric Trolley…

electric trolley in the hallway

A proud Australian manufacturer, Advance Trolleys has many years’ experience in manufacturing trolleys that are ahead of the pack. The latest innovation in the Advance research and manufacturing facility is the motorised trolley.

The motorised trolley delivers a simple solution for transporting goods throughout hospitals, laundries, and many other places where moving small goods quickly and efficiently is necessary.

All trolleys manufactured at Advance can be motorised with our electric drive motor. The electric drive motor is an industry proven unit and coupled with our quality Australian made trolleys delivers rock solid reliability and consistent performance day in day out.

With its simple controls, suspension drive and automatic braking features, the motorised trolley is a quiet operation and compact design for a smooth, safe & easy drive.

Using the Advance motorised trolley will increase staff productivity and morale while decreasing the risk of injury through fatigue, strain or physical exertion. A back injury can cost thousands in work cover claims, lost time and replacement staff.

The solution is an Advance Motor Trolley.

Advance Trolleys Custom Electric Drive Trolley