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Soiled Linen Trolley: A Powerful Tool That Fits Safety Together With Hygiene

Advance Trolleys | Soiled Linen Trolley-A Powerful Tool That Fits Safety Together With Hygiene

A soiled linen trolley, or dirty linen trolley is a specialised cart designed to manage linens and streamline laundry operations. These trolleys are crucial in various environments, including healthcare facilities, aged care, hospitals, hotels and commercial laundries. At Advance Trolleys we prioritise safety and well-being, striving to offer products that provide the highest level of protection against potential health risks.

The Critical Need for Proper Soiled Linen Handling

In the hospitality and health sectors, soiled linen handling is paramount. Linens from aged care homes, hospitals and hotels can be contaminated with blood, faeces and other body fluids containing harmful micro-organisms. Extra care must be taken when handling used and soiled linens to prevent the spread of infections and disease.

Workplace Safety Regulations in Australia

All parties involved, including employers, employees and suppliers, have legal obligations to workplace safety under the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 and the 2017 OHS Regulations. The Australian Standards for Laundry Practices (AS 4146 1994 & 2000) identifies acceptable service levels for Australian organisations.

Non-compliance can lead to severe consequences like penalties, operational disruptions, and even imprisonment. It’s essential to adhere to the Australian Standards for Laundry Practices to ensure safe and compliant operations.

The healthcare industry especially must demonstrate the quality of its processes to minimise healthcare-acquired infections. Upholding safe laundry practices isn’t just a requirement – it’s a responsibility we can help you fulfil, regardless of your industry in Australia.

Hygienic Practices in Industrial Settings

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to managing potential infectious hazards of soiled linen. Regular training, protective clothing, personal hygiene measures like wearing gloves and minimising staff movement between clean and dirty areas are crucial. Facilities for changing outer garments and showering before leaving work are a must. Careful handling of soiled linen bags can prevent the release of contaminated linens into the air. Swapping linen bags for disposable soiled linen bags can also decrease the chances of infection.

Preventing Cross-Contamination with Advance Trolleys

In an era where cleanliness and hygiene are paramount, a soiled linen trolley is essential for maintaining stringent standards. Our trolley provides a controlled environment for linens, preventing cross-contamination and enhancing the reputation of your establishment. Our soiled linen trolleys are strong, lightweight and equipped with features like powder-coated or stainless-steel frames, linen bags, side waste bins and load reduction systems to uphold high hygiene standards. We also offer a variety of trolleys designed for single, double, triple or quad linen bags with open and closed hoops.


Handling soiled linens with hygiene and compliance is of utmost importance. Utilising our range of premium soiled linen trolleys can lead to safer and more hygienic industrial environments. With customisable options available across our product range, purchasing the right linen trolley is easy. Contact our friendly sales team at 1800 802 224 for any inquiries.