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Garment Hanging Rail Trolleys

Garment Hanging Trolley Range

Organise and store your freshly pressed or dry-cleaned linens on our fully welded and portable garment racks. Explore our range of trolleys for hanging clothes.

Garment Hanging Trolleys: Organise Your Linens with Ease

Our collection of garment hanging trolleys are designed to simplify your linen management, whether you’re in a hotel, spa, manufacturing or healthcare facility. Let’s explore how these versatile trolleys can enhance your operations.

Key Features

1. Sturdy Construction: Our garment hanging trolleys are built to last. Made from durable materials plastic or stainless steel, they can handle heavy loads of linens without compromising on stability.
2. Ample Hanging Space: Each trolley provides sufficient room for hanging garments. No more wrinkled uniforms and linens —our trolleys keep everything neat and organised.
3. Smooth Mobility: Equipped with high-quality castors, these trolleys can move effortlessly across different surfaces. Thus reducing the struggle with heavy loads.


1. Streamlined Linen Management – Efficiently manage your linens with our garment hanging racks. Whether you’re restocking fresh laundry, or collecting soiled linen, these trolleys make the process seamless.
2. Time-Saving Solution – By having all your linens in one place, you’ll save valuable time during housekeeping tasks. This minimises the time to locate linen in closets or storage rooms!
3. Improved Hygiene – Keep linens off the floor and away from potential contaminants. Our trolleys promote better hygiene by ensuring proper storage.
4. Space Optimisation – Our garment hanging rail trolleys are designed with space efficiency in mind. Whether you have a compact storage area or a spacious facility, these trolleys fit seamlessly, making your space clutter-free and well-organised. 

Why Choose Advance Trolleys

As one of Australia’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of premium linen trolleys, our speciality lies in providing cutting-edge and innovative solutions for industries including healthcare, hospitality, aged care facilities, and commercial laundries among others. We are committed to delivering high-quality industrial products that exceed your expectations.

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