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Linen Skip Trolleys

Durable soiled linen skip trolleys & carts ideal for daily use

Linen Skip Trolley Range

Say goodbye to messy linen rooms. Streamline your linen management with our soiled linen skip trolleys range. These trolleys have been designed for quick and hassle-free linen handling in industrial or commercial settings. Equipped with locking mechanisms and multiple compartments to separate bedding or clothes efficiently, we offer a variety of Open Hoop Skip Trolleys, Soiled Linen Skips and more. Explore our range below easy sorting & transportation.

Linen Skip Trolley

Our linen skip trolley range offers an alternative solution to manually handle soiled or dirty linens for commercial, healthcare, and industrial settings. Whether your organisation is a large facility handling multiple dirty linen streams or a smaller facility looking to support staff’s handling capacity, our trolleys can assist with streamlining linen practices.

Key Characteristics 

Durable and Easy Maintenance:  Our trolleys are made from premium, quality materials like stainless steel and highly durable plastic. Choosing a material like steel increases the durability of your trolley, and heavier linen loads are stabilised. For industries like hospitality and healthcare, this material also allows for easier cleaning and sanitisation.

Effective Braking System: A manual braking system is advantageous for better control of your trolley’s movements. Allowing quick stops and starts where necessary, workers have more control when manoeuvering it throughout the facility. Our brake’s location on the lower half of the trolley creates convenient assistance with movement and pace.

Weight Capacity and Trolley Dimensions: Able to withstand larger linen loads and support more frequent linen transportation, our trolleys are capable of handling a varied range of soiled linen. Dimensions vary based on the size and capacity amount required within your facility. Our trolley sizes range from our smaller single sizes, which are 490 x 450 x 910mm high, to our larger quad trolleys which are 1680 x 450 x 910mm high.


Healthcare: For hospitals and other healthcare settings that handle patient gowns, towels, and other dirty linens, a linen skip trolley is a great addition to streamline laundry management. Coloured bags and lids can also be used as a signal for staff to better segment linens and prevent cross-contamination. Being multipurpose, the trolleys can also assist in better waste management practices for disposing of gloves, wipes and other disposable items.

Commercial: For commercial industries like hotels, hospitality facilities and resorts, the trolleys can assist with transporting towels, bedding and other laundry needs. They can also transport, facilitate, sort and collect different garments and textiles.

Industrial: To maintain a clean and decluttered workplace, a soiled linen trolley can help with moving uniforms, protective clothing, and other work-related textiles across different facilities. Made from stainless steel, these trolleys have better fire and heat resistance, making them a key choice for warehouses and industrial settings.

Explore our Most- Popular Products

Double Soiled Linen Trolley: A great option for organisations carrying different types of linen. With a dual foot-operated plastic lid, it makes loading and transport easy throughout facilities.

Quad Stainless Steel Soiled Linen Trolley: Our strong and lightweight quadruple storage trolley comes with a stainless-steel frame and load reduction system. They suit different loads and linen bags for more variety.

Single Open Hoop Stainless Soiled Linen Trolley: For organisations that don’t require lids, our open hoop stainless steel trolleys are convenient. Place laundry and dirty linens into bags for easier washing and separation.

Customise Products with Accessories

Soluble Linen Bags: We offer a range of linen bag accessories that are designed to facilitate better handling of soiled or contaminated items. For soiled linens in messier environments, we also offer bags that dissolve in the wash process. Made from biodegradable plastic, our bags are a hassle-free way to clean contaminated linen.

Lids: To better support and segregate your linens, we have a range of colourful linens to help better identify and separate linen types. Match them with lids, available in bright colours like red, blue, green and yellow for easier separation.

How Advance Trolleys Can Assist

We are interested in streamlining better linen procedures and reducing contamination risk. Our product range includes different linen skip trolley sizes, with the ability to customise trolleys to best assist requirements. To learn more about the right linen skip trolley or soiled linen trolley range for you, our friendly sales team is happy to help. Call 1800 802 224 to get in touch.

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