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4 Reasons You Should Choose the Right Size and Weight Capacity for Your Linen Trolley

Linen Trolleys in hotel hallway

When choosing a linen trolley for your organisation, two important factors to consider are the size and weight capacity of the trolley. They ensure safe and effective transport of linens without risking damage or injury to workers. Choosing the correct weight capacity may also prevent overloading and workplace accidents. This article will examine a range of benefits for your organisation when choosing the correct size and weight capacity for your trolley. It looks at how wise accurate trolley selection makes transportation of linen more efficient, increases the durability, improves safety in your organisation and creates more effective storage and spacing. 

Efficient Transportation of Linen

Selecting the correct linen trolley size according to the needs of your organisation is a crucial step in helping create more effective transportation of linen. For organisations that require mass amounts of linen washed at regular intervals, it is recommended that a larger trolley size is selected. This can help transport a greater amount of linen per trip and reduce the amount of time taken for staff to conduct multiple washing trips.  

Increases Durability of Linen Trolley

By effectively allocating linen amounts according to size and weight capacity, the longevity of your trolleys is increased, and wear and tear is decreased. Size selection can also impact the transportation of linen as inefficient size allocation may lead to trolley damage. For trolley sizes that are substantially larger than linen amounts, workers may experience issues with manoeuvrability. Impacts on durability can also be seen through weight capacity influencing the likelihood of structural damage with the heaviness of linens or handling during transportation. For medical settings in particular where large amounts of linen need to be washed, choosing the correct size for your hospital linen trolleys is crucial.  

Safety Within Your Organisation

Having the correct size for your linen trolleys allows staff to transport linen more easily throughout your hospitality facility. Trolleys that are the correct size allow for fewer collisions within your facility and lesser worker accidents which may cause staff injury. The right size also can help reduce the likelihood of overloading preventing potential back strain/injury of staff members.  

Effective Storage and Spacing

The size of your trolley is also important for storage and spacing requirements in your facility. Larger trolleys within smaller spaces may occupy too much storage space, which can decrease the capacity available for other equipment and materials. Alternatively, a smaller trolley size that is not adequate for storage needs can cause inefficient storage of linens with potential impacts on hygiene. By choosing the correct size, storage of linen is more efficient and spacing within the organisation is optimised.   

How Advance Trolleys Can Assist Your Organisation 

At Advance Trolleys we design our products to support your industry needs, with our range of linen trolleys supporting hygiene, improving the efficiency of linen procedures within your workplace, reducing the likelihood of workplace injuries and allowing more efficient transportation of linen. Our range covers a wide variety including hospital linen trolleys, linen skip trolleys and bulk linen delivery trolleys. Get in touch with us today on 1800 802 224 to learn more about the right choice for your industry needs and budget.  


Q: What is a linen trolley? 

A: A linen trolley is a type of cart used to transport and store linens, such as bed sheets, towels, and tablecloths.  

Q: Why is it important to choose the right size for a linen trolley? 

A: Choosing the right size is important because it ensures that you have enough space to store, organise and transport all of your linens efficiently. It also helps prevent overcrowding and potential damage to the linens.  

Q: How do I determine the right size for my linen trolley? 

A: The right size will depend on the number of linens you need to store and transport. Measure the length, width, and height of your linens and select a product that can accommodate those dimensions while also providing enough space for easy access and manoeuvring. 

 Q: How do I calculate the right weight capacity for my linen trolley? 

A: The right weight capacity for your depends on the weight of your linens and any additional supplies or equipment that will be stored on the trolley. Calculate the total weight and select a product with a weight capacity that exceeds that amount for safe and efficient use.  

Q: Where can I purchase linen trolleys in Australia? 

A: They can be purchased from a variety of retailers in Australia, including hospitality and medical supply companies, as well as online marketplaces. You can also consider purchasing from Advance Trolleys, a reputable company that specialises in a wide range of trolleys.