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5 Benefits of Using a Laundry Trolley

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There are a variety of benefits of utilising a clean linen trolley in your industry. Advantages of including a trolley in your workplace include efficient transport, improved safety, increased hygiene, cost savings and versatility. These trolleys are a great investment for companies and industries that conduct frequent laundry and cleaning loads.

Efficient Transport

In comparison with traditional laundry-carrying transportation modes, laundry trolleys provide an efficient mode of transport for moving large quantities of clothes. By incorporating laundry trolleys, efficiency is increased with time and resources saved through easy transportation between rooms and areas of your facility. This also reduces the need and frequency for multiple trips and loads of laundry. Our laundry trolleys are designed to hold larger and heavier quantities of laundry and linens. Laundry trolleys with wheels make for easy manoeuvrability, decreasing the amount of time taken. This allows for increased frequency for large amounts of laundry.

Improved Safety

Laundry Trolleys improve worker safety by reducing the loads carried, reducing the occurrence of workplace safety incidents. Laundry trolleys specifically reduce bodily strain on the back and arms, reducing the likelihood of injury through the reduction of physical demand. Utilising a laundry hospital trolley reduces potential tripping hazards caused by pileups of clothes or increased amounts of laundry. Working within the hospital, hospitality, and commercial environments, all trolleys are designed to be sturdy and stable reducing incident hazards.

With features such as separate compartments and shelving, linen trolleys allow for increased organisation and separation of garments which can reduce hazard risk, caused by mixing different cleaning chemicals or using the wrong temperature settings for laundry. Through organising specific clothing and linen allocations, the accident risk is reduced through mixed chemical exposures, and cleaning hazards.

Increased Hygiene

Through using designated laundry trolleys for linen and laundry purposes there are several opportunities to improve and increase hygiene practices within your industry. By utilising these trolleys, there are increased prevention mechanisms for cross-contamination. This is achieved through having separate compartments for different types and colours of laundry, reducing the likelihood of contamination for germs, bacteria and other particles that can be present across garments. For items that are potentially soiled with spillage, having separate compartments are important for reducing soilage of bodily fluids, germs and bacteria. This encourages organised sorting to reduce contact between clean and dirty laundry, or different types of dirty laundry. The increased compartments and areas encourage frequent cleaning and disinfection within laundry trolleys reducing the build-up and spread of germs and bacteria, and ensuring proper cleaning and sanitisation.

Cost Savings

There are several potential areas where laundry trolleys can decrease costs for your business and industry. For example through proper storage when carrying and washing clothes, trolleys reduce the wear and tear on physical clothes which can decrease costs for replacing items such as aprons and towels. The structure of laundry trolley compartments and holders allows for an efficient allocation of different garments. This allows for a more effective allocation of detergent, using only the required amount for the appropriate garments. In turn, this reduces the need for excessive wash cycles reducing expenses in water usage and reducing costs associated with energy bills and utility costs.


With different compartments, laundry trolleys are a versatile tool for effectively organising and sorting laundry, with differing compartments able to organise laundry by colour, fabric type and washing temperature. Certain trolleys also incorporate increased versatility within their design, with a folding feature. This feature enables more compact storage of trolleys and increased usable space within storage or washing areas. Another feature that enables versatility within the trolleys is material usage, with heavy-duty materials such as stainless steel and metals that enable more frequent usage of trolleys. A quality trolley material enables lasting wear, enabling more frequent usage.


There is a range of benefits to utilising a linen trolley within your industry, making them a worthwhile investment across hospitality, medical, commercial and accommodation industries. The advantages of incorporating laundry trolleys are streamlining transportation of trolleys, improving safety, increasing hygiene, saving costs and versatility.

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