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5 Tips For Maintaining Linen Trolleys for Optimal Performance and Durability

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Linen Trolleys are portable rolling carts for easy and quick transportation of textiles, and a range of light materials. Having a functional and clean linen trolley available is crucial to maintain the speed and efficiency of day-to-day operations. Linen trolleys are designed to assist with frequent movement, however in order to do so quality and maintenance of the trolley must be maintained. This article suggests five tips for maintaining linen trolleys for optimal performance and durability. It will discuss the importance of regular cleaning, lubrication of wheels, fixing loose or broken parts, correct storage tips and the importance of manufacturer’s instructions.

Regular Cleaning:

Trolleys’ frequent use makes them prone to dust, spills, and dirt accumulation, which if not cleaned will be transferred onto any linen and materials placed on them. The build-up of dirt can cause corrosion on the trolleys, increasing the cost of repairs and replacement. Cleaning these trolleys as frequently as possible improves the overall appearance and extends the life cycle of the equipment. Considering the rate of recommended frequency of cleaning, used cleaning agents should be mild, avoiding harsh chemicals. Suitable cleaning options include a disinfectant spray, vinegar, stainless-steel cleaner, and a soft napkin with the best cleaning results used before and after use.

Lubricate the Wheels:

Lubrication of wheels is another essential maintenance tip required to reduce the occurrence of friction and wear across trolleys. Some of the best lubricants to utilise on wheels are semi-fluid lithium grease, silicone-based lubricant, and graphite-based lubricant. It is essential to note that pre and post-care should be taken when applying oils. 

Prior to application, the wheels should be cleaned removing dirt, dust and large particles. After the application of oils, any excessive spills should be cleaned to avoid tripping hazards and stains on the premises. It is also vital to choose lubricants that are appropriate for the nature of the equipment. After applying lubricants, test the lubricated areas and ensure the friction is reduced and the wheels can move freely. If there is still resistance in the lubricated areas, thorough cleaning of the area and reapplication of the lubricant is recommended until you achieve smooth spinning and movement.

Check for Loose or Broken Parts:

Using equipment with loose or faulty parts may lead to accidents and mishaps. For longevity, safety, and effective operations, broken and loose parts should always be secured. Areas that need to be regularly checked include wheels, frames, handles, baskets, and shelves. When checking the wheels take note of excessive friction or loose screws. Other parts that require attention are frames, shelves, and baskets that need to be sturdy, securely attached and fit onto the trolley. Any parts secured by screws should be tight and firmly positioned, ensuring that any loose screws are tightened or replaced.

Correct Storage:

Correct storage of linen trolleys will prevent people from inadvertently bumping into the trolleys, reduce dents, scratches, stains, and damage and increase safety. Ensuring correct and dry storage is important to prevent the accumulation of moisture leading to rot or mildew.  Some suggestions for proper storage include drying immediately after use, covering them when not in use and compact stacking of trolleys. Suggestions for material cover include cotton sheets or tarps, protecting the trolley from dust or dirt.

Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions:

The manufacturers’ instructions also need to be adhered to effectively maintain the trolley. Manual guides are written to dictate safe and best practices, the assemblage of trolleys and correct pairings of different parts. Manufacturers’ instructions also provide additional information about functionalities, storage, and important information about material compatibility and flamage.


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