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How to Organise Your Medical Trolley for Optimal Efficiency

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A medical trolley is a mobile unit that carries various medical supplies and equipment for different purposes and situations. It can be used for routine check-ups, emergency interventions, surgical procedures, medication administration, and more. A medical trolley can make your work easier and faster by providing you with easy access to the items you need. However, if your trolley is disorganised, cluttered, or dirty, it can also make your work harder and slower by wasting your time and increasing your risk of errors or infections.

Therefore, it is important to organise your medical trolley properly and keep it clean and tidy. This way, you can improve your efficiency, safety, and quality of care. In this blog, we will share tips and tricks on how to arrange and store your medical supplies and equipment in your trolley and how to keep it clean and tidy. We will also recommend some accessories and tools that can help you organise your medical trolley, such as dividers, trays, labels, etc.

How to arrange and store your medical supplies and equipment in your medical trolley

Here are some general guidelines that can help you:

•  Use top-mounted and side-mounted equipment wisely: The top-mounted and side-mounted equipment are usually the most frequently used or urgently needed items on your medical trolley. They can include gloves, monitors, defibrillators, oxygen tanks, suction devices, sharps disposal containers, etc. You can place these items on the top or sides of your medical trolley for easy visibility and access. You should also make sure that they are securely attached to the trolley and that they do not interfere with the movement or stability of the trolley.

•  Use the drawers efficiently: The drawers are usually the main storage space for your supplies and equipment on your medical trolley. They can include items like syringes, needles, catheters, bandages, gauze,  scissors, forceps, medicines and more  

•  Group similar items together: By grouping similar items, you can easily find what you need in the same or adjacent drawers. For example, you can group all injection supplies in one drawer, all wound care supplies in another, etc. With this, you can locate items without opening multiple drawers or searching through different items.

•  Use labels: You can use labels to identify the contents of each drawer. You can use pre-printed labels or create your own labels with a marker or a label maker.

•  Use dividers: Separate different items within a drawer by using a divider. For efficient organisation, you should place the dividers in a way that they create compartments or sections for different items. You can use pre-made dividers or make your own dividers with cardboard or plastic. 

•  Use trays: Organise and store small or loose items within a drawer using trays that are available to purchase or DIY your trays with cardboard or plastic. 

•  Use checklists: Keep track of inventory and expiration dates of your medical supplies and equipment on your medical trolley with manual pre-printed or computerised checklists. 

Tips to keep your medical trolley clean and tidy

To clean your medical trolley, medical supplies and equipment, here are a few tips: 

•  Remove all items from your medical trolley: Remove everything including top and side-mounted equipment, drawers and trays. You should place them in a safe and clean place while you clean your medical trolley.

•  Wipe down your medical trolley, supplies and equipment:  Using a damp cloth or a disinfectant wipe, wipe your trolley and supplies to remove dust, grime, spill or stains. 

•  Dry your trolley, supplies and equipment: Dry your trolley with a dry cloth or a paper towel and ensure there is no moisture or residue left.

•  Replace all the items on your trolley: Put back all the items including the top-mounted and side-mounted equipment, drawers, and trays. You should make sure that they are placed in their original positions and are secured properly.

•  Check the expiration dates of your medical supplies and equipment: Check expiration dates and discard any expired or damaged items and replace them with new ones.

•  Check the functionality of your medical supplies and equipment: Inspect the functionality of your medical supplies and equipment on your medical trolley. Test any electronic devices, such as monitors or defibrillators, to make sure they are working properly. You should also check any mechanical devices, such as syringes or forceps to ensure they are not broken or rusty.

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