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Commercial Laundry Trolley

Streamline your daily laundry operations with our reliable and long-lasting commercial laundry trolley.

Laundry Trolley Range

Our trolleys are ideal for hospitals, hotels and other organisation. They come in different sizes with shelf, storage or basket varieties to transport large quantities of linen. Explore our trolleys below.

Advance Trolleys: Your Trusted Supplier of Commercial Laundry Trolley

A laundry trolley cart is crucial for efficient transport and organisation of laundry items. Used within hotels, hospitals, healthcare and laundry operations, they assist with handling clean or soiled linens, garments and other laundry materials. We provide sturdy, reliable trolleys to different industries across Australia. Our range is fit for purpose and can handle multiple loads and items within the specified weight capacity. Explore our range to find the best solution.

Benefits of a Laundry Trolley Cart

  • Enhanced Efficiency – These trolleys help to improve efficiency across your industry. They help move large volumes of linens and streamline laundry transportation across key areas. By saving time on manual handling, your staff save time for other tasks. 
  • Improved Ergonomics – Our hospital laundry trolley is designed to best support staff. It helps to reduce strain and injury that may be caused by manual handling. By implementing specific features like a spring base, our range is designed to reduce back injury. Our range also features items like a push handle which may help prevent injury and strain. 
  • Increased Organisation – Our range helps you stay more organised. It allows you to categorise and segment your laundry items. Features within our laundry basket trolley make categorisation easy with multiple basket options and garment hanging rails. This allows your business to better sort and categorise laundry. For unique storage needs, our expert team can customise storage options for a variety of our trolleys. 

Features and Varieties  

We offer a variety of laundry carts to cater to your facility’s unique necessities. With different size and weight capacity options, you can pick the right fit. Select between small, medium or large options to best accommodate a variety of laundry volumes. 

  • Material and Durability – Here at Advance Trolleys our trolley’s longevity is important to us. That’s why we’ve chosen durable materials like stainless steel and high-quality plastic. This ensures your trolley can handle multiple load trips. Refer to each product to know the material specifications. 
  • Mobility and Manoeuvrability – Our trolleys are designed for easy mobility and manoeuvrability. They enable quick movement through your facility. Our laundry trolleys with wheels are fitted with swivel castors and promote easy direction changes. To increase stability whilst mobile, they are also fitted with brake systems and wheel lock mechanisms. This promotes increased safety mechanisms. 
  • Customisation and Accessories – Here at Advance Trolleys, we understand that each facility has unique laundry requirements.  That is why across our range we can install extra features and accessories onto our trolleys. We can customise across size, colour, number of baskets and other features. Submit a quote request and a friendly member of our sales team will get in touch. 

Application of Commercial Laundry Trolleys 

We service a broad range of industries. This includes laundry trolleys for hotels, hospitals, aged care facilities, spas, and other hospitality. Our trolleys are also suitable across residential settings. 

Why Choose Advance Trolleys 

Our range is manufactured to high standards to provide quality assurance to your organisation with your product selection. Featuring reliable, durable trolleys, our range helps meet your organisation’s laundry or hospital laundry trolley needs. We also comply with relevant industry standards and regulations ensuring your workplace is covered. 

Exceptional Customer Service

If you have any questions, our customer support team is here to help. We offer knowledgeable and responsive services to our customers, to ensure your product selection responds to your company’s must-haves. Our support extends from initial enquiries through to after-sales customer support.  

Contact Us 

Ordering your trolley from us is straightforward and convenient. Browse our website and select the right laundry trolley. You can also call us on 1800 802 224 by phone or email sales@advancetrolleys.com.au to get a quote. We offer fast delivery Australia-wide and excellent customer service. 

Absolutely! Advance Trolleys’ laundry carts have smooth-rolling castors enabling easy manoeuvrability in tight spaces. Some models may have heavy-duty swivel castors for enhanced agility.

Yes, at Advance Trolleys, we offer customisation options for certain laundry trolleys. You can discuss your requirements with our team, and we’ll work to create a tailor-made solution for your linen handling needs.

Yes, our trolleys are designed to handle varying load capacities, depending on the product. They can withstand the weight of large volumes of laundry without compromising the structural integrity.

Yes, many of our trolleys have storage compartments, shelves, or bag holders. These elements provide convenient space to sort or separate laundry items during transportation.

It depends on factors like usage frequency, load capacity, and maintenance. With proper care, our premium trolleys are a long-term investment for your laundry management needs.

They are made from high-quality materials like stainless steel and durable plastic. This ensures longevity, easy maintenance, and resistance to rust and corrosion.

At Advance Trolleys, we offer a large variety. This includes Large Mesh Linen Trolley, Mesh Storage Basket Trolley, 18 Basket Storage Trolley among others. Each type is designed to cater to specific linen and laundry management processes.

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