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Scissor lift table solves Qld hospital’s safety hazard

Queensland Scissor Lift Table

For many businesses, scissor lift systems are a second line consideration and not seen as a part of the business that has the potential to raise efficiencies or productivity.

However, upon closer inspection, it becomes clear why this view may be limited.
The reality here is there is more than meets the eye when it comes to versatile scissor lift tables, and it may surprise businesses how they could benefit.

Advance Trolleys hydraulic scissor lift tables are becoming increasingly popular by demand to a large number of industries such as diverse as food manufacturing, printing, mining, cabinet making, metal parts and the construction industry.

A project was recently carried out for a Queensland hospital, where their site had major redevelopment works and had cut off pedestrian access to the mortuary section of the hospital.

This caused quite a concern and the hospital had a number of issues surrounding the safety of operatives and others.

Advance Trolleys acknowledged the issue and came up with the perfect solution.

It was identified that to invest a hydraulic scissor lift table with a custom 2400 x 1400mm slip free platform decked out with safety controlled gates and hand railing would be the answer. The scissor lift table carried up to 3 people and related equipment up and into the morgue area with complete ease.

The issue was solved and hospital has been happy with the outcome. The company has saved on injuries and claims; the hospital showed it was acting responsibly.

The Engineer and Safety Officers at Advance Trolleys received commendations for their work and the operators are healthier and safer.

It can be difficult to arrive at a consensus as to the client’s operational requirements, so Advance say they try to offer a wide range to meet the customer’s needs and expectations.

Scissor lifts from Advance Trolleys are available with specific control functions to suit the customer’s requirements, from basic push button operation through to automatic sensor level control. Platform dimension, lift heights, weight capacities and control options can all be tailored to suit specific needs.

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