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Six Different Types of Trolleys to Consider When Picking the Ideal One of Your Choice

Employees loading packages on delivery trolley in the dispatch centre

It makes more sense to choose the right high-quality trolley that caters to almost any need, and for any working environment rather than trying to force your operations to accommodate your manual handling equipment. Let’s examine the different styles and variations of trolleys that meet your specification requirements.

1- Hand trolleys for industry

One of the staples in the industrial and commercial trolley range is the high-quality trollies that can be used for various tasks, such as carrying products around a warehouse and collecting chair racks. When adding stair climber wheels, they can also be utilised to transport items upwards. This can be used to move almost any type of stock or materials upwards and do not require specialised transportation. These general-purpose trolleys are designed to be tough, durable, and capable of carrying products of any weight and size.

2- Load crates and tugboats

These high-quality trollies are durable, versatile, lightweight, and built to last. It can carry cargo up to 10 tonnes in weight, including machinery and workshop equipment. Featuring a nonslip deck and available in various sizes. These trolleys are ideal for a wide range of applications and are ergonomically designed and built to last. They also provide a safe, smooth, and quiet transportation of goods, and for them to be easily accessible too. Suitable for any industry or environment, they are an economical solution that offers excellent productivity and efficiency.

3- Carts with panels

This high-quality clean linen trolley is ideal for transporting large goods such as beds, plasterboard and wood sheets. The panels help contain and hold the goods together for safety when moving them from one place to another.

4- Warehouse and Platform Trolleys

This high-quality clean linen trolley comes in different sizes, is ideal for relocating small to medium-sized objects in a routine warehouse application. These trollies are durable and long lasting for your business. They fit naturally into any space and is easy to operate and control therefore anyone can manoeuvre it.

5- Carts made of stainless steel

These over engineered high-quality stainless-steel trollies are built to last, and are appropriate for hospitals, food preparation areas and doctors and dentist offices, allowing for frequent, and heavy-duty usage. This trolley allows for excellent manoeuvrability with low push effort.

6- Trolleys for utility carts

This laundry trolley is useful for moving various tools or commodities around warehouses. They help improve the flow of your handling processes with this versatile trolley. It is constructed with high quality features, hygienic and easy to clean, perfect for any environment.

Final note

Are you overwhelmed about picking the right laundry trolley for you? Well, feel free to contact our experts at Advance Trolleys for customised selections or continue to browse through our website to discover more options, information and specification you require for your trolley needs. Every business is different, so we focus on offering the best solutions that help you to streamline your operational processes, improve safety and being in cost effective results.