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The Guide to Choosing the Right Commercial Laundry Trolley

Red plastic tub trolley in commercial laundry facility

For industries with commercial laundry requirements, a commercial laundry trolley is invaluable for streamlining laundry operations. A laundry trolley plays a key role in hospitality, healthcare and industrial environments helping to decrease the workload for staff. With a streamlined laundry process, it may help your organisation improve efficiency and enhance workplace safety. To pick the most suitable option, several factors need to be considered.

Factors to Consider:

Capacity and Frequency of Laundry Operations

When determining the right trolley for your organisation, the first key consideration is the capacity and frequency of laundry operations within your facility. Different laundry items such as bed linens, towels, uniforms and other textiles need to be considered. As these items occupy different amounts of space and weigh different capacities, it is important to account for:

  • The different weight capacity of items when they are the heaviest
  • Variation in different load sizes, either over or under workload capacity
  • Weight distribution, as unbalanced trolleys can lead to stability issues
  • When overloading the trolley potential issues can surround accidents, injuries and damage to laundry items.

Mobility and Wheels

For different industries, a laundry trolley needs to facilitate easy movement throughout different areas. For facilities that have longer distances between areas a laundry trolley cart can help significantly decrease linen lead times. The trolley’s swivel wheels make steering and navigation simple without risking damage or staining items.

Material and Durability

Commercial laundry trolleys are available in a range of material options, with certain choices fitting better based on your industry. For hospitality and healthcare settings, steel trolleys offer easier cleaning opportunities, increasing the capacity for hygienic cleaning. Plastic trolleys often work better within smaller budgets as they have lower price points. It proves to be a convenient option for organisations with smaller laundry requirements. Trolley material is also a key factor in longevity and maintenance, with materials like plastic requiring more frequent replacements.

Additional Features

To pick the best trolley, considering your linen and laundry requirements is critical. When making a list of requirements it is important to think about your facility’s custom needs. Creating a customised trolley may help better facilitate your linen needs. We can customise options including shelving, size, weight load and colour. We can also customise with both automatic braking features and an emergency safety stop feature.

Industry-Specific Considerations

Both the hospitality and hotel industries have staff working frequently with people. This places importance on increasing hygiene and cleanliness levels. This can be reinforced through material choices that allow easy cleaning and disinfection. Preventing cross-contamination is also crucial, so choosing trolleys with separate compartments like baskets or shelves allows for effective segmentation.

Healthcare Industry

Healthcare facilities handle a range of laundry items including linens, bed linens, towels and gowns. Using a laundry trolley with compartments for clean and dirty items can prevent cross-contamination and reduce the spread of infections. As hospitals regularly deal with vulnerable patients, infection control procedures must be adhered to reduce the likelihood of healthcare-associated infections.

Industrial and Warehouse Settings

Within warehouse and industrial settings, laundry trolleys facilitate efficient movement, organisation and transport of goods and materials. A laundry trolley cart can reduce injury and strain caused by manual lifting or carrying, promoting workplace safety. This allows staff to easily move heavier or bulky items. With a more stable and secure means of transporting items, the risk of product damage is minimised, ensuring safe transport of goods.

Budget and Cost Considerations

Working within your organisation’s budget is another crucial decision. By clearly outlining your budget, a better cost understanding is achieved. This ensures your purchase does not disrupt business operations. Although lower-priced trolleys can be initially attractive, keep the quality and durability of the trolley in mind. In the long run, higher-quality trolleys can save money and also reduce the frequency of replacement and maintenance costs.


When choosing a commercial laundry trolley for your organisation, factors like weight capacity, load size, mobility, material choice and industry consideration are all important considerations. The right laundry trolley for your organisation can help streamline procedures and efficiency within your organisation.

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