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The ‘IT’ trolley for every medical practice

Instrument trolleys with drawers for medical practices

Advance Trolleys Instrument Trolley is the ‘IT’ trolley for every medical practice.

Advance Trolleys manufactures superior quality hospital trolleys to suit the requirements of each and every medical profession.

Its IT Trolleys are ideal for theatre use and are great units for housing medicines and medical instruments.

They comprise a very essential role before, during and after any medical procedure with their ability to provide a neat and efficient storage solution for medical supplies.

The IT range is constructed of stainless steel ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion. These units also feature quality non marking 100mm swivel castors, with the option of a varying number of drawers, drawer configurations and extra attachments.

“Low maintenance”, “easy to handle” and “light weight” in order to move freely across operating rooms are just a few benefits that make the IT Trolley ideal for use in hospitals, surgeries and casualty areas.

Instrument trolley with medical supplies